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Shopping in Rome

Centro Commerciale I Granai
Two floors full of retailers and shops...... They sell all kinds of goods... clothes, accessories, furnishings, perfumes etc. There is also a bar and many shopping that will meet your needs. You can also find a very spacious parking...
Via Tazio Nuvolari, Roma, 00142
Tel : +39 0651955505

Centro Commerciale La Romanina
The biggest with the most choices... It has 140 shops, banks, bars, shopping... It is in fact the most crowded shopping centre in Rome... Visa is accepted and there are car parking lots for all...
Via Enrico Ferri, Roma, 00169
Tel : +39 0672670001

Cinecittà Due
The very first Centro Commerciale in Rome...Shops are excellent there. Basically, You can find everything you desire such as herbalists, jewellers, hairdressers, snack bars, kiosks, ice cream stands, furniture stores, booksellers, lingerie and sports shops...
Via Vincenzo Lamaro, Roma, 00173
TEL : +39 067220910

Rome Gift Shop
Capture the essence, history, spirituality and romance of Italy!
Unique romantic gifts, special religious and spiritual souvenirs. Order online

If you like tortoises, this is THE place to go. Everything is handcrafted, from T-shirts to ceramics... Fun place to bring back souvenirs home...
Piazza Mattei, 13, Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 066865513

Luxury gift items. The goods are, of course, high quality. Here you will find presents for anyone, whether for special occasions or just a thought. Christian Dior, Jacques Cartier and many more...There are silverware, leather goods, silk scarves, walking sticks and all kinds of items for all ages and occasions.
Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 96/97, Roma, 00187
TEL : +39 064884822

Stilo Fetti
Well crafted pens as souvenir from Rome... This shop is really famous to people who collect pens and to those who have a great interest in writing. Brands such as Montblanc, Aurora, Parker and Niji are at your disposal in this very nice shop...
Via degli Orfani, 82, Roma, 00187
TEL : +39 066789662

Campo de' Fiori
Very old Roman market specializing in fish and vegetables.
Piazza Campo de' Fiori (Center). Buses: 46, 62, 64, 90, 70, 186. 6am-1:30pm. Closed Sun.

Rome's biggest and most famous market. Everything including the kitchen sink, old socks, football shoes. Look very hard, and you will find what you are looking for !!!
Piazza di Portaportese (Trastevere) or from Piazza Ippolito Nievo (Viale Trastevere). Buses: 23, 280, 170, 780, 27, 13, 717, 718. 5am-2pm. Sundays only.

Click here for more open air markets...

La Taste
Small shop full of bright ideas. There are hundreds little things in this tiny shop which has a good selection of gifts and genuine objects.
Via Pié di Marmo, 34, Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 0669922186

Tropical craft-handed goods... Take a look at this shop, it's worth the visit... Spend some time there as if you visited an art Gallery...
Via Giulia, 112/114, Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 066861440

Laboratorio di Scatole Rosatti
This is the place to find a Special box for an original present. This workshop specialises in making boxes of all shapes and sizes.
Via della Stelletta, 27 Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 0668802053

This shop is full of unique objects and items from all around the world... This probably the most attractive shop window in Termini railway station is only the start of what you can find in this lovely shop. The large, spacious interior is filled with imaginative articles you can't help but like.
Piazza dei Cinquecento (Stazione Termini - Galleria Gommata) Roma, 00185
TEL : +39 0687406098

This shop in Via del Pellegrino is almost like a small museum. In this workshop, they tunes pianos and restrings old instruments as well as displaying antique instruments. If you like to chat about music, don't hesitate to interrogate the owner, he's very talkative...
Via del Pellegrino, 10, Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 066875488

ROME has many, many fashion stores and lingerie. Here is one where silk and lace confections, classy slips and swimming costumes in hundreds of different colours, are just some of the articles on display in the window of this fabulous shop. The sophisticated creations in this shop are ideal for gifts or for treating yourself to a small luxury.
Via del Teatro Valle, 54d Roma, 00186
TEL : +39 0668806268

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