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Selection of restaurants in Rome

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Restaurants in Rome

Just to give you a taste of Italy, here are some restaurants

There are thousands of restaurants. Here is a list of the finest places to get dinner or enjoy a very fine Italian wine...

La Piazzetta de la Ville (Italian)
De la Ville Inter-Continental Roma,
Via Sistina 67/69,
Rome 00187 Tel: +39 6 67331

La Terrazza dell' Eden (Italian)
Hotel Eden,
Via Ludovisi 49,
Rome 00187 Tel: +39 6 47812 1

La Pergola (Italian)
Cavalieri Hilton,
Via Cadlolo 101,
Rome 00136 Tel: +39 6 35091

Le Sans Souci (Italian)
Via Sicilia 20,
Rome 00187 Tel: +39 6 48218 14

La Rosetta (Seafood)
Via della Rosetta 9,
Rome 00186 Tel: +39 6 68610 02

Antico Arco (Italian)
Piazzale Aurelio 7,
Rome 00152 Tel: +39 6 58152 74

Checchino dal 1887 (Italian)
Via di Monte Testaccio 30,
Rome 00153 Tel: +39 6 57463 18

Relais le Jardin (Italian)
Hôtel Lord Byron,
Via G. de Notaris 5,
Rome 00197 Tel: +39 6 32204

Grappolo d'Oro (Italian)
Via Aplestro 4/10,
Rome 00186 Tel: +39 6 49414 41

Dal Toscano (Tuscan)
Via Germanico 58,
Rome 00192 Tel: +39 6 72571 7

Myosotis (Italian)
Via della Vaccarella 3/5,
Rome 00186 Tel: +39 6 20539 43

Dal Bolognese (Bologne)
Piazza del Popolo 1,
Rome 00187 Tel: +39 6 36114 26

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Rome is not only capital of Italy but also of the region of Lazio which is renowned for its food. Robust flavours and rich sauces abound in many typical dishes of the area and pasta and gnocchi, in all their many forms, are served in restaurants across the city.
Lazio is notable for dishes featuring lamb, veal (saltimbocca being most famous) and offal, all of which are served with delicious herbs and seasonings. Rome is rich in markets and this is often reflected in the wonderful variety of superb vegetables served in the city's restaurants.
Beans are used a good deal in the cuisine and appear in many dishes, hot and cold. On a cool winter's day the visitor seeking a warming lunch could do no better than to choose a flavoursome minestrone soup, which is another of the area's specialities..


dishes to try :
Risotto alla milanese
Ravioli al burro
Tagliatelle al Ragu
Caciucco alla Viareggina (fishes)"

Roman meals customarily include at least three separate courses: pasta, a main course (usually a meat dish with vegetables or salad), and dessert. Meats, though tasty, are definitely secondary to the pasta dishes, which are much more generous and filling. The wine is so excellent (especially the white Frascati wine from the nearby Castelli Romani) and moderate in price that you may want to do as the Romans do and have it with both lunch and dinner.

Meal hours are rather confining in Italy. If you don't take continental breakfast at your hotel, you can have coffee and a pastry at any bar (really a cafe, although there will be liquor bottles behind the counter) or a tavola calda (hot table). These are stand-up snack bar-type arrangements, open all day long and found all over the city. Restaurants generally serve lunch between 1 and 3pm and dinner between about 8 and 10:30pm; at all other times, restaurants are closed. Dinner, by the way, is taken late in Rome, so although the restaurant may open at 7:30, even if you get there at 8pm, you'll often be the only one in the place. Romans think in terms of "dinner" in the afternoon (pranzo) and "supper" in the evening (cena). In Rome, as in much of the rest of Europe, a heavier meal is typically eaten at midday and a lighter one in the evening. "


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