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Basilica Iulia
Interior. The temple of Castor and Pollux in the background. Photograph from 1997. View from the west, from the Capitoline hill. Photograph from 1997.
General view. The building is situated to the left from the stairway of S. Maria in Aracoeli. Small medieval bell-tower in the middle. Roman Insula. Storeys above the current ground level.
Castor and Pollux Temple
Castor and Pollux Temple...
Photograph from 1997.
The temple of Vesta on the right. Photograph from 1976.
Circus Maximus
The west end of the area. Structures in the background belong to the Palatium. Seating's structures in the east end of the circus. Photograph from 1976.
View from the south.
Colosseum. View from the Oppius hill.
Forum of Caesar
Temple of Venus Genetrix. Photograph from 1990. View towards the south. The temple of Venus Genetrix on the left. In the background, remains of a basilica.
Forum Romanum
View from Capitolium. Photograph from 1999. Forum Romanum. View from the Palatine hill. Photograph from 1990.
Forum of Trajan
Columns of Basilica Ulpia. Trajan's column. Photograph from 1976. General view from Trajan's markets towards Colonna Traiana. Photograph from 1997.

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